Assemblage LA Memoir

Richard in a coat

Open Letter to Assemblage LA
from Richard Savitt



(Care of Jerry)

First off, I was amazed and thrilled to receive Jerry’s package of photos and writings. Needless to say that all who either knew, or worked with Thelma were also aware of her special talents – her ability to work with and help others. She had true compassion, but at times expressed it weirdly – that’s why I grew to love her. We did, after all, have quite a bit of fun.

“Hail to the chief,” our principle documentarian Jerry A. Sierra – who happens to be my buddy as well. I do not believe that there exists an aesthetic dilemma we couldn’t solve.

Something turned the corner, what was it? A new era? I think so.

Steven Arnold and Jerry did something really special for Thelma. I almost feel “Remiss,” but I know that can’t be true.

To close, I would like to list, and recognize, those who have been there, like family, for me:

Thank you for putting up with all my problems – all these years.

Assemblage LA Members:

Thank you for the memories. You know, we could also work on making new ones, don’t you think?

Love to all,

Richard Savitt

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