Assemblage LA - A Memoir

by Jerry A. Sierra

Assemblage LA

Before we begin...

What follows is a personal reminiscence, mostly from flawed and discarded memories, partly from reviewing an archive of notes, letters and photographs that had been boxed for over 25 years. This is not meant as the definitive story of Assemblage LA (AsLA), but as one part of a larger story that other AsLA members can add to in any way they choose, including their own memoirs, photographs, corrections, disagreements and/or other points of view as needed. This memoir will have more value as a collective project, or an “assemblage” if you will.

This project began in May 2014 shortly after I learned of Thelma Heavilin-Sanchez’ death. She was one of the AsLA founding members and this is dedicated to her.

The reader should consider this a work in progress.

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