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Van Helsing's weapons

Van Helsing

In the original filmed version of Dracula in 1934, the character of Dr. Van Helsing was played by Edward Van Sloan and carried a medical bag, wore thick spectacles, a tie and was very polite. Our Van Helsing carries more weapons than Rambo, and he’s ready to get it on at the drop of a hat. I’m not even sure if he’s a doctor, and he’s not polite at all.

The original was dressed for polite society, but this one is dressed for the battle field against evil.

There’s nothing suave or paternal about our Van Helsing. If he even suspects you of being a vampire, or being friendly to a vampire, he’ll behead you, or drive a wooden stake through your heart, or both. He doesn’t mind making a mistake here and there. He’s not a machine… he’s just a man. A man that has been pre-forgiven for any past, present and future crimes by His Holiness the Pope himself. The Vatican won’t discuss this, of course. Nor will Van Helsing. But now the word is out.

Van Helsing with axe in hand

Van Helsing (don’t ever call him Van) is the most despised of all the players in the Unreality Studios Acting Troupe. None of the other figures will even speak to him.

Van Helsing fights vampire crawling out of  grave

He does, however, make a striking impression on screen.


The Wolfman

Wolfman in The City

Sculpted by Jean St. Jean for Diamond Select Toys based on Lon Chaney, Jr. in The Wolf Man.

Aside from the fact that he will only stand on the provided platform… and ONLY on this platform, this is another cool figure in the Unreality Studios Universal Monsters Guild.

Because of his challenge standing straight on solid ground, and his aggressive behavior towards the opposite sex, he’s been temporarily banned from any recent productions. That could change once the most recent charges are dropped. He’s also been warned against biting others without permission, but we’re confident that he has that problem under control.

Below is another “wolfman” based, I believe on the 2010 film in which Benicio Del Toro played the lead role… I don’t have any details on the figure.

Wolman with bloody fangs

Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde

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