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Sin City Marv with gun and bloody Tshirt

I adopted my first Marv figure long before the movies and long before my psychiatrist prescribed Unreality Studios as an antidote to insanity. And yet he was not called before the camera until recently.

Someone casually asked me about this one day. How is it that I didn’t photograph Marv until now? Is there a deeper, hidden reason for keeping him OUT of the limelight all these years while OTHERS got the fame and the money? I didn’t know how to answer.

Something about that head in his left hand... (which looks strangely like Mr. Webber, my history teacher at Venice High School…) and the saw in his right one. You might say I wasn’t “ready” to photograph this Marv, and it took me a while to work up the nerve. (Or, you can accept the reality-based notion that I just forgot all about him.)

Sin City Marv with severed head and saw

There are two other Marv figures in the troupe... one with a bloody t-shirt, the other with a clean shirt… I think of these as the Marv Twins… they often fight over women and sports… one of them thinks that the Warriors gave away the 2016 NBA championship for money. They’re both hard drinkers and carry handguns, a dangerous combination.

Marv Twins, brother against brother

Sin City Gail, Security Chief


You can just tell that she’s special. And you’re advised not to mess with her.

Sin City Gail with Uzi looks right

Here’s everything I know about her;

For these and other special situations, Gail has assembled a special team lead by three of her most trusted companions. As seen in the photo below, to Gail’s right (your left); Ellen Ripley, locked and loaded and ready to battle Xemomorphs and Xenophobes. To Gail’s left (your right); Sarah Connor and Talia Al Ghoul.

L-R: Ellen Rippley, Sin City Gail, Sarah Connor and Talia Al Ghoul, aka The Gang of Four

It’s only natural to want to see more of Gail, but don’t ask her to “dance” or “shake” anything. She’ll just shoot you.


Miho is based on actress Devon Aoki, and she carries not one but two Hattori Hanso swords. To say that she’s deadly would be an understatement.

Sin City Miho
 with sword in hand

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