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Our Xenomomrphs

Our Xenomorphs

Stage name: Ileana Ros.

A striking figure that did not appear in any of the movies (as far as I can tell) but only in comic books... this is the first Xenomorph in my stable of actors, and often appears in Photoshop-disguise as some other Xenomorph...

In all the images that I’ve made so far, only two genuine Xenomorphs were photographed...

The Red Alien, AKA Ileana Ross

I should explain that all my Xenomorphs are named after known and established anti-Castro terrorists… they may be Xenomorphs with acid for blood and no respect for human life, but they’re our Xenomorphs and I love every one of them. Where would Unreality Studios be without them?

Luis Posada, a Xenomorph

Stage name: Luis Posada

2nd Stage name: Orlando Botched

Xenomorph Orlando Botched from above

Sculpted by Kyle Winorix and Thomas Gwyn & painted by Jon Wardell and Geoffrey Trapp for Neca.

Xenomorph from above


A great figure from the Aliens Genocide storyline.

Below: One of the first Xenomorph attacks on The City. Who was our first line of defense? Ellen Ripley, of course.

Xenomorphs attack The City

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