Sierra Studios Manifesto

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On Capturing Larger-Than-Life Personalities

Sometimes the images tell stories… the process of making them gets away from me and I fall into their world… however temporarily. Other times they start out as stories, or simply portraits… the idea of making a formal portrait of Dracula in daylight is fascinating to me, as is photographing The Bride of Frankenstein in a designer dress, or beach-wear. (Don’t tell me my subjects are toys!) I told you… they’re personalities.

Count Dracula

As you might guess, the cost of contracting these fine actors and keeping them on the set can start to add up. When I’m lucky I get to borrow a figure and return it after I got my shot… But this doesn’t happen often enough… mostly I just buy them... and at some point, give them away... sending them into good homes. [I’ve a one-bedroom hobbit hole on the side of a small San Francisco hill... how many of these actors can I properly feed and care for? I do hang on to the ones that might be used in future images, though sometimes it’s difficult to know in advance.]

Portrait of Sauron

Most of my pictograms are a celebration of the great movies and characters that help us escape reality.

The Bride


Dr Hann Lecter with face mask

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