It’s 2020, Do You Know Where Your Democracy Is? After a grueling four years, the Democrats face the dreaded 2020 presidential election. Trump was not impeached, though his presidency ended after three years. The nation remains divided under a troubled Pence Presidency, and Trump’s “base” is hanging on, ready for a new leader.

The Shocking Story of
The 2020 Presidential Election

A tale of political competition and vampires, by Jerry A. Sierra

Did you know that vampires can dream? That’s how this thing started.

The Cloud God and The Sky King

Count Dracula was sleeping in his luxury coffin in New York’s Plaza Suite Hotel when The Cloud God and The Sky King appeared to him. “If you run… you will win,” said the Sky King. “If you run… you will win.” Just like in that Kevin Costner movie.

The message would fade in and out of whatever it is that vampires dream about, but it would persist throughout the sleeping daylight hours. “If you run… you will win.” This time it was the Cloud God’s voice he heard.

When Dracula woke up that night, he knew he had been summoned to run for the office of U.S. President. And why not? he thought. If Donald Trump can be President, why not me? I’m at least 5 times as smart, 10 times as wealthy and 15 times better looking…

And he felt completely certain that he would win, just as he was completely certain that the Cloud God and the Sky King were on his side, not just playing a trick on what they saw as a rich-man-turned-vampire-bored-with-immortality. Yet that same immortality yielded strange, beyond-human awareness and a deep connection to the mysteries of life. “If you run… you will win.”

Dracula with Sunglasses

The Count refused to consider that the dream could have been a hallucination caused by his consumption of a drug addict’s blood. And yes, he knew she was a drug addict, but she was much too appealing to pass up. After all, he is a straight, single, male vampire.

Regardless of the idea’s origin, it made the Count happy. “It’s good to have goals,” he thought.

Within a week the Count had a team of brilliant high-end advisers and opportunists on board, and his candidacy was announced by Kellyanne Conway during an interview on FOX News. Eventually the media would learn that Count Dracula tripled the salary she got from Trump.

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