Election 2020, Part 2

by Jerry A. Sierra

Count Dracula with Walter White's sunglasses

The race for the White House began with the Count’s public speech at the new NYC Public Library auditorium. It was broadcast live on the various cable news stations to record numbers of viewers. Until this time, nobody had taken Dracula’s candidacy seriously, even as he rose in the polls and Pence announced he would not seek reelection.

Supporters expressed their belief that Dracula spoke from the heart;

Dracula with Sunglasses

“I want to be clear; I completely oppose classifying humans by their blood type. This is an outrageous lie, brought about by my enemies in the Democratic Party, most of which are witch-lovers and wolf sympathizers…

“I will build a roof over the whole country to keep out the bad rays from an increasingly bad sun… this will help eliminate skin cancer and blindness, and I believe, various types of allergies.

“And here’s the beautiful thing, we now possess the technology to do this. And, if we do some minor tax code adjustments and fee reviews… WE CAN MAKE THE WEREWOLVES PAY FOR IT!”

Many Americans responded positively to Dracula’s words, as his TV persona was oddly captivating, and they liked the idea of charging somebody else for something they wanted, but didn’t need.

In a series of well-planned GET TO KNOW THE REAL DRACULA speeches and appearances across the heartland, The Count had perfected his rhetoric and stage moves, and learned how to get the most from his audiences. Now it was time to move forward.

After his sudden burst onto the political arena, some voters loved to hate him, while others almost hated that they loved him. Supporting Dracula was the ultimate act of discontent. Trump had been just a warm up.

And still a more vocal segment just plain loved him. He was a survivor, and someone that had thrived under adversity. He signified the strong, classy resilience and survivability they imagined in themselves. Something they felt “their country” had been lost with the increase in minorities and the open acceptance of gays, Muslims, Mexicans, African Americans, Indians, werewolves, low-level demons and assorted “others.”

The Count may have done something to encourage this sense of resiliency. His psychic/projective abilities were not discussed until late in the campaign. And they were always denied.