Lord of The Rings - A Portfolio
by Jerry A. Sierra

Going back to the shadows

Back when I was still impressionable, optimistic and idealistic, I came across a set of outdated Lord of The Rings calendars by The Hildebrandt Brothers. The paintings envisioned worlds I had only imagined, and the H-Bros became my new heroes.

In time I developed a special love for the paintings of John Howe, Michael Hague and others that helped me visualize the Tolkien universe.

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Treebeard and the boys

After living with some version of Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings within my reach for most of my life, I now photograph action figures based on the movies, while thinking about the calendars I loved as a child and the books I consumed as a young man.

Frodo, Samwise and Gollum on the road

Whatever it was about the characters and the story that drew me in, way back then, still seems relevant today. And more urgent.

One more thing...

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Bilbo in The Shire

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