I Love Eclair Bandersnatch

Eclair Bandersnatch may be more than just a name on the sidewalk, but a sidewalk without a Bandersnatch is just concrete; an empty, soulless experience...

When I discover a new Bandersnatch on a fresh sidewalk I become temporarily happy... like from a bite of chocolate. I forget that Trump is President and Democracy may be coming to an end and the world is slowly sinking into the ocean.

I forget that CBS is greedily trying to cash in on our love for Star Trek with a completely unnecessary streaming service that I WILL NEVER PAY FOR... (nor will I ever pay for Disney's completely unnecessary and disturbingly ambitious streaming service).

I'd rather go back to reading books!

I've no idea if Eclair Bandersnatch is a real person, or part of a secret DPH Emergency Program to cheer up pedestrians.

Or is she a secret operative reporting to Mariia Valeryevna Butina? An unshaved man in a dress? A team of highly-trained craftsmen distracting us with a Hollywood propaganda campaing for a multi-million-dollar project still years from release?

Will Eva Green play Eclair Bandersnatch in the previously untold story of the woman who helped defeat Hitler through her sexual prowess and a titilating Berlin night club show? (Touch the image below to see what I mean)

Sidewalk art by Eclair Bandersnatch

On second thought, the political nature of her written words could suggest a future TAKE OVER as rare in American Politics as Trump's rise to power and his privatization of Foreign and Environmental Policy...

Will a Bandersnatch Party unite young people in a Michael Moore best-case scenario to restore America to it's moral imperatives?

Will she make "political involvement" seem "cool" to a generation carefully bred to blindly obey the digital conglomerates and respond, like zombies, to the concept of "cool"?

Some of the images in this presentation were altered to show what happens to my brain when I encounter a well-Bandersnatched sidewalk.

"Don't you love her madly?
Don't you need her badly?
Don't you love her ways?"

Don't you love her as she's walking out the door?
Like she did one thousand times before?""
- Jim Morrison

Bandersnatch dancer