Carlitos journeys to the Nagual

The Tonal and The Nagual

by Jerry A. Sierra

Approaching the Nagual

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These images are based on the books by Carlos Castaneda, which depict a young man's transformative journey into a world of sorcery, mystery and spirituality.

This work represents a celebration of the journey to the unknown.

This is not meant to be an academic interpretation of the concepts and ideas handed from Don Juan Matus to Castaneda, but a personal one, which is why I cast the affable representation of Silent Bob the nagualin the role of Carlitos. [Given the premise that the figurines are “actors” in visual/cinematic plays for Sierra Unreality Studios, Silent Bob turned out be an inspired casting choice.]

The images are a personal interpretation of ideas presented in the books as I perceived them.

The quotes used in the images (so far) come from Tales of Power, The Art of Dreaming and The Power of Silence and The Second Ring of Power.

the eagle in the nagualThese images may change as my perceptions evolve.

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