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Vincent Van Gogh

Hello. I’m Jerry A. Sierra. That is not me in the picture.

This site is as much about the joy of creation and sharing as it is about beauty, mystery, and imagination.

It provides a showcase for my “deals” with Photoshop, which combine real and unreal, fantasy and daydreams with toys and the need to escape reality. Sometimes, people from the reality layer drop into the mix, for flavor.

The website also gives me an opportunity to play with HTML and CSS and to put into practice some of those tasty CSS techniques touted by Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons and Kevin Powell, to whom I hereby give a big heels-snapping salute. It is hand-coded with Adobe Dreamweaver and Notepad.

Walter White's face

Because I Can!

(That's still not me.)

I’m recently retired from CCSF. My parole came through after 30 years of hard labor between the Department of Public Health (SFDPH) and the Human Services Agency (SFHSA).

It’s good to taste daylight. To have enough time to update the various galleries on the site with no worries about sleeping late in the morning. To work on projects that are more meaningful than bureaucratic.

I’m currently expanding my exploration of Universal Studios Monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Bride, the Creature and others.

I still enjoy the puzzle that is organizing data, chunking information, and laying out web pages. Sorting out confusion is fun, though, paradoxically, I don’t like traditional puzzles and I hate cleaning the kitchen. Yet complex plot lines and unexpected plot twists attract me.

I also love the visual fantasizing of the photograms, and the idea of mixing the real with the unreal… the possible with the impossible. The process allows me to re-imagine the world.

Frankenstein's monster offers a flower

I love the idea of taking a toy and giving it a human dimension with fantastical implications beyond logic and cultural wisdom. I love finding a character that intrigues me, and giving it a new, unexpected home where it can find a new life.


we all came from somewhere else

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