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Hello. I’m Jerry A. Sierra, your host and architect. That is not me in the picture.

This site is as much about the joy of creation and sharing as it is about beauty, mystery, and imagination.

It provides a showcase for my “deals” with Photoshop, which I often refer to as unrealism, often combining real and unreal, fantasy, nightmare and toys with the drive and courage of heroes and daredevils. And sometimes, to their joy and peril, real people get in the mix, adding a little more conventional reality to the existing unreality.

The site also gives me the opportunity to play with HTML and CSS and to put into practice some of those tasty CSS techniques touted by Rachel Andrew, Jen Simmons and Kevin Powell.

My very first site was an HTML 2.0 site for San Francisco’s Department of Public Health’s Immunization Section. It featured content from our award-winning print newsletters CIP News and UPDATE, both of which were written by health educators and laid out for print, by me, using Quark Xpress. That first site was coded by hand using free tutorials from AOL.

I’ve been making web sites since.

because I said so

Because I Can!

Since this site is mainly a collection of pictures and Photograms, my main target is the larger desktop screens. But with help from the experts mentioned above, I make sure that my sites work well on all devices, regardless of size or political inclination.

I enjoy the puzzle that is organizing data, chunking information, and laying out web pages. Sorting out confusion is fun, though, paradoxically, I don’t like traditional puzzles and I hate cleaning the kitchen. Yet complex plot lines and unexpected plot twists attract me.

It may not surprise you that I also love the visual fantasizing of the photograms, and the idea of mixing the real with the unreal… a process that takes my brain into areas I might not explore … a way to create worlds and explore possibilities… a way to bring life to something imagined… to re-experience childhood… to express beautiful and pure incongruity…

I love the idea of taking a toy and giving it a human dimension with fantastical implications beyond logic and cultural wisdom. I love finding an image that intrigues me, and giving it a new, unexpected home where it can find a new meaning.

Photoshop allows me to do this, though I still keep a few older programs for the fun of it… Every so often, I open JASC Paint Shop Pro v.6, which was an early and cheaper alternative to Photoshop… it let you work with layers… and you could even save your work into a Photoshop file… it amazes me that it still works in Windows 10… they don’t write software like that anymore.

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Explore my inner Cecil B. DeMille in the Sierra Studios Manifesto.

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