... because monsters ARE real...
- Jerry A. Sierra


Ellen Ripley spots Red AlienRed Xenomorph Black Warrior Xenomorph

Pictures and words from Xenomorphs in San Francisco

Hicks from AliensHudson from AliensXenomorph attacks Hudson Rico Frost from Aliens


The Serenity of Solitude | Full Screen Gallery (for big screens) | Recent Portraits

The Tonal and The Nagual
A visualization of the principles and ideas explored by Carlos Castaneda in his apprenticeship with Don Juan Matus.


Whatever happened to the Big Head Logos?

The Unreality Studios Manifesto (in which the imagery used throughout the site is decyphered in meaning and intent)
Meet the Unreality Studios Players


Three short stories:
An epic story of survival, a dark descent into inner darkness,
and the high cost of a failed memory... each about three minutes.

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An abandoned web site dedicated to street art in San Francisco.

500 Years of Cuban History

Words, Pictures and Code - My Adobe Portfolio
LinkedIn | Facebook | Brief Bio (from historyofcuba.com) | Cuba on My Mind – A Rarely Updated Blog | Coroflot

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And If You Must...
The FCS Staff Directory is a web app made for the Family and Children's Section of the Human Services Agency in San Francisco. This friendly little web app is beloved by Hobbits and smart humans, but despised by Orcs and under seige by the Nazgul and those giant birds with large, nasty claws.

Weyland-Yutani Commando filres weaponCommando with weaponWeyland-Yutani commando points to his rightWeyland-Yutani comandoWeyland-Yutani commando points gunXenomorph

Dorothy and her new friends escape Oz

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