Weyland-Yutani CommandosQueen Gorgo of SpartaMarv in The City


NEW: Xenomorphs in San Francisco
A story of Aliens, ambitious alpha-leaders, colonial marines and an android named Bishop. And yes, Hillary Clinton and Ellen Ripley.

Heist Map

Whatever happened to the Big Head logos?

Stealing Sins - In which our heroes attempt to steal a mural

Mea Culpa - On the run with the Orwellian Resistance

Short Story Time

Commisioner Gordon in Gotham

Spoiler: The Batman saves the commisioner and sends the Joker and Harley back to Arkham...
though eventually they dust themselves off, shake themselves up
and start all over again. Marv is still on the loose, last seen with a
bloody shirt, a .45 and a bottle of Cuban Rum.

Three Short Fiction Videos

An epic story of survival, a dark descent into inner darkness, and the high cost of a failed memory... each about three minutes.


Assemblage LA - A Memoir

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman
He’s blind but can beat you at gambling. He has a heart of gold, but he carries a hidden sword. Just don’t watch him eat; it’s not a pretty sight.

Max and Eli: On The Road and At The Movies
A Look at the differences and similarities between The Road Warrior and The Book of Eli, 2 post-apocalyptic cinematic visions separated by 29 years of change.

New: The Unreality Studios Manifesto
"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain..."


Marv with head