twenty thousand years from now…

After decades of careful and measured attempts, apes have gained access to the last remaining human-made structure on the planet; and it contains a library of books!

Nearly 20,000 years after the human catastrophe, academics from New Ape University (NAU) are happy to report that the structure contains the only known library of human-made books, giving us access to clues about how humans destroyed themselves.

After the lack of political foresight destroyed their social systems and launched them into needless vanity wars, Mother Earth fought back; her icecaps melted, and her oceans rose to untold levels, prepping the surface for a strong poisonous wind that would blow furiously in all directions.

The Hundred-Year-Storm, and the electromagnetic tornados and earthquakes that began shortly thereafter, did away with our planet’s human infestation, and it erased all electronic and digital signatures, wiping away all computer records of the human past.

Humanity's last libraryCould mankind have foreseen this? Was there a point at which they could have reversed their doomsday countdown? These and many more questions have challenged ApeWorld scientists and historians since the discovery of our human past. Hopefully, some answers may now be found in Humanity’s Last Library.

Due to the arrogant human carelessness towards nature throughout their brief history, the books cannot be removed from the structure, as they immediately disintegrate upon contact with fresh air. Those that are granted access to the library must wear protective-clean-room lab coats after completing a vigorous training program designed to help improve the survivability of the ancient books.

The mysterious library structure is one of two structures known to have survived the planet’s anti-viral response to the human past. The other structure contained 25,000 frozen human bodies, but the containers were damaged during the Hundred-Year-Storm and their contents destroyed.

Historians have dated the library structure to shortly after the 2016 US Presidential Election, which signaled the beginning of the end. At such time, a group known as Friends of The San Francisco Public Library, saw the writing on the wall and took it upon themselves to safeguard as many books as possible inside the facility.

Today, Apes throughout the world are grateful for their effort.