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A Transcript from 5/26/15

Good evening. I’m Dr. Aurelio Cocinado, editor and publisher of Phrenology Today and your host for the next hour.

Tonight’s guest is the undoubtedly brilliant though largely misunderstood Dr. Raulando Bocaseca. Before we bring him out let me tell you a little about him.

Dr. Bocaseca combines his doctorates in phrenology and clinical psychology with a life-long interest in Cuban history to concoct some pretty wild ideas, the most recent being that Cuban poet/revolutionist José Martí was, in fact, an alien visitor from a distant planet.

Yes... We at the Bay Area Institute of Phrenology have seen our share of ridicule from contemporaries in related fields and the traditional sciences. But this all changed in the mid-1970s when a young and brilliant Dr. Bocaseca made a historic presentation at a CDC conference showing the exact nerve patterns that known serial killers share across the lower bridge of the Occipital Lobe.

Since then, with the proliferation of medical visualization technology, and access to volunteers from the federal prison system, the practice of phrenology has grown into a 3 billion dollar a year industry.

A few years ago, however, after an extended visit to Dos Rios in Cuba (where Martí died), Dr. Bocaseca shocked the world with his book claiming that José Martí was, in fact, a visiting alien with a “message to humanity” and a 42-year visa.

For those who don’t know, José Martí is a popular historical figure, a writer/teacher/organizer who died at the beginning of Cuba’s final war for independence from Spain. He’s also a renowned writer known well throughout Latin America and some parts of Europe. But lately, the memory of Martí has received the star treatment, with his books translated into many languages, fictional comic books and cartoons in which Marti travels in a submarine and flies to the moon, and his growing cult status as a “humanist” is cemented into the minds of those familiar with his works.

Today, many media pundits have expressed the idea that Dr. Bocaseca has gone insane with his “alien Martí theories.” In response, the doctor has produced daily phrenological diagrams of his brain, available through his web site, showing, beyond a doubt, that he is not insane. Of course, some members of the Psychiatric community are outraged at the thought that you can show sanity in a phrenograph.

Strangely, since the controversy began, additional evidence has emerged from untold sources supporting Dr. Bocaseca’s wild claims, including a tribe of surviving Tainos living in the hills of Peru, uncovered cave drawings in France depicting the alien’s visit, secret communications between Martí and American writer Mark Twain regarding the possibility of Mr. Twain traveling to the alien’s planet after his death...

And there’s more. A recently found photo shows a Martí with a giant head and a third eye… I’m not kidding, which Dr. Bocaseca claims has been kept secret by the Cuban government since it’s discovery by historian Emilio Roig De Leuchsenring in 1966.

Some have alluded that the U.S. government knew about this AND participated in a conspiracy of silence.

Here’s Dr. Raulando Bocaseca.

Thank you, Dr. Cocinado, for having me on your show and for that kind introduction. I appreciate that you didn’t use some of the adjectives used recently by my critics to describe my work.

Dr. Bocaseca, in spite of the criticism, the slander and the cartoons, how do you account for the popularity of your books and your demands as a speaker?

We live on the edge of knowledge, and people want to know... how much is there... what else is there... how much of what “we know” is true and how much mythology? People sense I bring truth even when they don’t completely agree with my conclusions. Our young people are sensing the emptiness of the consumerism we’ve planted them in, and they want to know... is there more?

There is more. Deep inside the mountains of Peru, a tale is told, though never written until recently, about an alien life form that had visited Earth once before, living a complete life and making memorable contributions to our collective culture, returning to live a second life less than 30 years later as Martí.

I only bring you their message... I’m just as shocked and surprised as anyone.

It does seem outrageous, doesn’t it? You claim that composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, who died on March 26, 1827, in Vienna, was an alien...

An alien in human-form... he lived a whole life as a human.

And that very same alien life form returned thirty years later as José Martí?

I don’t... make the claim, Dr., the hidden Tainos of Peru make the claim, though they don’t specify Beethoven by name. I had to identify him from their clues. They tell each other that he came back to teach us about what it could mean to embrace our humanity.

Where do they say he came from?

They say he came from a planet called Korda Gama 3.

Gor...dah Gammah...

Korda. Korda Gama 3. Perhaps the name suffers in the translation.

And there you have it. But Dr., some historians claim that the Tainos were all but wiped out during the Spanish Empire occupation of the Americas...

Yes... but... small groups survived in Cuba, though they have modernized and... but the Tainos that I’m referring to survived in the hills for centuries in small numbers... too small to be noticed or threatened by the violence of the civilization that emerged around them... Martí visited them in secret... Even in Cuba some claims exist of small tribes that have lived inside the caves and in the wild, though some clearly speak Spanish...

But Doctor. Do you realize how wild this sounds to today’s educated, internet-savvy, Google-ized masses?

The truth always sounds fantastic when it emerges. Then it becomes frighteningly real. That’s why it’s so easy to attack it based on... nothing more than conventional wisdom.

You say... ‘frightening?’

Yes... the Tainos claim that Marti’s true mission, the reason he returned, was to “teach us” humans how to be more humane... how to... ‘humanize’ our cultures, which, in fact, contradicts the direction we’ve taken, particularly over the past 25 years and since the emergence of digital technology...

So his views... his philosophy of existence, will save us from our own... greed and avarice...

Well... I can’t predict the future. But... yes, that seems to be the idea. You could also say that his... “ideology” threatens the very nature of every commercial empire in existence today... from Starbucks and McDonald’s to Apple and Times Warner...

The new iWatch is logging record sales this week... should Apple be worried about the meager sales from a couple of poetry books written over 120 years ago?

Yes. If the masses embrace humanism... if young people today begin to realize that they don’t “need” an iRing to “B Cool,” if they wake up to the meaning of their untapped humanist potential, even the 1% with all their meanness and violence and police and politicians will not be able to stand the wave of a humanist revolution.

This, I presume, is something you… oppose?

Well... oppose is a strong word… while I see the need for a gradual humanization of our various institutions… a sudden “wave” of humanism could be detrimental, first of all, to our financial institutions…

Imagine banks having to roll back “poor” fees… hospitals becoming non-profit, schools forced to admit students based on merit and not family finances… Imagine guilt or innocence not based on skin color…

Imagine the rich and the poor having the same privileges and having to follow the same laws…

It would be chaos.

Yet, your audiences seem to be... very much in favor of this.

It might appear that way. The UCSF article and the quote from my lecture used in the book “Martí Lives” didn’t clarify my views either.... painted me as a nut.

About that UCSF article... There was some confusion around your statement that Tainos had infiltrated parts of our society in order to help facilitate this approaching humanist revolution... but then, you retracted these statements and have refused to make any additional comments. Can you clarify this for us please?

Well... Dr. Cocinado... what happened was that I... was having a casual drink with some journalists from UCSF... we were watching The Warriors loose game 3 of the series against The Grizlies... and things were misunderstood, misrepresented, misreported... I never claimed that... I’d have no way of knowing if Tainos have infiltrated our... most culturally powerful institutions... It’s absurd... the type of thing that can make someone sound like a nut... I believe it was floated out there on purpose, to diffuse the urgency of my message.

Were these the same people that caused a ruckus at your lecture for San Francisco Public Library patrons on May 19?

I’ve no way of knowing for certain if there’s a connection.

Thank you Dr. Bocaseca.

When we return after a brief message, we’ll look at some of the Alien photos that have become so controversial, and then we’ll take a couple of special phone calls for our guest from two presidential candidates, one a Democrat, the other a Republican.

And later, to round out the hour, we’ll ask Dr. Bocaseca to examine and comment on phrenological diagrams made recently from seven different police officers, all of whom fired their department-issued revolvers at unarmed black teens between 2014 and 2015, resulting in 5 deaths and 1 amputation and one long-lasting coma.

We’ll be right back.

Marti the alien with big head and 3rd eye

These are some of the photos of The Alien, from Sierra’s book. One clearly shows the third eye... Dr. Bocaseca, what can you tell us about this?

The Tainos in Peru who looked at these pictures with me in January 2015 believe the third eye was a defense mechanism providing options rarely used during The Alien’s visit. They believed that he could disperse a beam of energy that could hypnotize humans. However, and this is very curious to me, the Tainos in Cuba, who severed all connections with their Hidden-Peruvian counterparts centuries ago, refute this allegation, claiming instead that the third eye was used to peer deeply into an individual human’s soul.

close-up onMarti's big alien head

What does that mean!?

You got ME, Doctor! (laughs) Our culture dropped the concept of a soul during the first Reagan Administration. (laughs) It’s likely it means that The Alien could somehow sense or “foresee” an individual’s intentions...

So, Dr., how is it that his... head, appears normal in all other pictures of him?

What I’ve gathered would suggest that he had a device that shielded his true appearance from human eyes in substitution for the one we recall from pictures. It’s likely this device also affected the photographic techniques of the time. I’m preparing a paper on this that will be available through my website in the next month or so, but it’s mostly theory. Much more academic and scientific exploration is required of this.

But how do you account for Martí’s early life? His birth? Did he always have such a device to hide his... big head?

The Tainos believe that for more than half of his life Martí, though knowing he was an Alien, had no physical features or access to his Alien abilities, being, thus, fully human. As he approached the end of his life, the extrasensory features began to appear, the swelling cranium, the ability to see around corners... the third eye...

And the alien device?

Less is said about this than almost anything else. But it is believed that his mother kept a secret package in hiding for him until they were together in Mexico in 1878... after he’d been to jail and exiled and traveled to France... In Mexico... after Martí learned that his younger sister had died, his mother gave him the package and, perhaps, told him the truth he’d always suspected. Nothing is known so far about his mother’s possible connection to The Alien, though both Cuban and Peruvian Tainos believe she gave him a package and a secret.

How were the photos discovered?

A young archivist at the University of Havana found them wrapped with papers belonging to Martí biographer Gonzalo de Quezada. The photos were inside a sealed envelope that was apparently opened by historian Emilio Roig De Leuchsenring in 1966 and shared with high-ranking members of the Communist Party.

Apparently the secret was kept so well, that this young archivist thought it was a joke and went public.

And what about allegations that the FBI was in on the secret?

Absurd. Another lie conveniently tossed in to diffuse the facts.

Some probably don’t want me to ask you this Dr. Bocaseca, but... have there been other... visitors? Are there alien visitors here right now?

I... don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone, but... I just don’t know. I don’t even know how to approach such a question. I’m a scientist, not a soothsayer.

There’s so much we still don’t know about this particular... mystery. Why did Martí only have 42 years? The Tainos have no clue, though both Cuban Tainos and Peruvian Tainos held that Martí knew he’d have to leave after 42 years.

We’ll be right back.