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Super Marti

What is so different about this book?

Most books about Martí focus on his life, his goals and dreams, and his efforts to separate Cuba from Spain and ensure her independence. They examine his political views and his thoughts on education, or they focus on his literary achievements. They all tend to feature the same two or three images, with little need for visual imagination. This is observation, not criticism. I consume these books like candy.

Marti the Alien

What makes my book so uniquely different from the herd?

- It explodes the myth of Martí and how this myth relates to pop culture today

- Includes unique visual representations of Martí as a SuperMartí, as an alien life-form and as an abstract idea open for interpretation

- Takes a playful visual approach to the myth

- The only book to show Martí as one of the three wise men (with Mandela and Gandhi) strolling through eternity

- This is the first all-Martí art book available

- Completely created, designed, written and published by one author

- The one book that shows Martí, the alien, in speculative sci-fi scenarios

- It takes Martí on an away-mission with Captain Picard

- Includes a two-page comic-book-style intro in which Martí himself introduces the book

“Remembering a Martí who stood for change remains now, as it did then, the means for recovering the ideal of a social unity not predicated on continuity with the past but on developing a consensus for change in the present and future.” - Lillian Guerra in The Myth of Martí

Marti murals at the Skate Park