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First Sighting

Virtual Wolf Blizter

This is Virtual Wolf Blitzer with CNN/Google Late Stream Edition.

We’ve received numerous reports of a mysterious... “flying man” spotted in mid air in Utah, near and around Toole. And now we have an eyewitness account and a photograph, which has been deemed genuine by our panel of experts.

Before we proceed with the report of this official sighting, I must add that we’ve received numerous similar reports and images from this area, and that additional sightings have been reported in Texas, Arizona and Nevada. So far, the FBI has not returned our phone calls regarding this situation.

This first official sighting was made by Yoli, a six year old girl who alerted her mom to take the picture you see here. This is her story.

Yoli, 6-year-old girl

I was the first one to see him...

Yoli laughs

We were going to brunch. I was happy because daddy had let me go with him to get a haircut. They even washed his hair. Then we came back to pick up Bobby, my brother, and mom and go to brunch.

Mom was sitting in the front seat next to daddy, but she was turned around talking to us when I first saw him. I said he looked like a bird.

It’s not a bird... said Bobby, it’s a man. That’s when mom turned around and she saw him.

Get the camera, said daddy, who was driving. Mom took a couple of pictures before he flew away... Bobby said... faster than a speeding loc... loca-motive... I don’t know what that means. Bobby’s really smart.

Yoli, did you say you thought he was Ironman?

No! He didn't look like Ironman... he didn't have a helmet... and Ironman doesn't have a cape... and...

Is there something else, Yoli?

Yes. Ironman's not real.

Were you scared when you first saw him?

No, silly! He wouldn't hurt us!

super Marti over state highway in Utah

Virtual Wolf

And there you have it. First hand testimony of the existance of a mysterious flying man, from Yoli, a six-year-old girl.

We now have similar reported sightings coming in from Texas, Arizona, Nevada and other parts of Utah.

All reported sightings were made under similar situations; someone on the road sees a flying creature that suddenly stops in mid air as if scouting the area. In Arizona, the flying man was reported as “running alongside a car moving at 60 miles per hour. The man winked and waved at the kids in the back seat and flew off at “the speed of a bullet.”

Video taken with a phone camera from inside the car was largely incomprehensible and our technical staff is still trying to make sense of it.

The man is said to be wearing... a ballet outfit with a big, dark cape. There’s a large letter “M” written across his chest, and he’s said to have a... “most attractive” and prominent forehead.

His height ranges from six feet to about seven feet, depending on the viewer.

Now... some have stipulated that... particularly given the locations of the sightings that this flying man is some sort of military weapons test or experiment... but, so far, the Pentagon and the White House have refused to issue any comments aside from generic blanket denials of any testing and/or any such weapons.

This is Virtual Wolf Blitzer with CNN/Google Late Stream Edition. We’ll be right back after these messages.

Virtual Wolf

This is Virtual Wolf Blitzer with CNN/Google Late Stream Edition.

A report was filed Tuesday afternoon with park rangers at Pacheco State Park, in California, of an incident at the San Luis Reservoir in which a car was... “pulled out of the water” with a family still inside, by a flying “muscular man in tights and a cape.” The car was placed safely on the road... after which the man simply flew away.

It sounds unbelievable, but two witnesses claim to have seen the car go into the water. They describe how moments later the “flying man” dove in, pulled the car out and took off “faster than a bat out of hell.” While they weren’t close enough to tell, they believe the man had the letter “m” or “n” written across his chest.

Super Marti

Apparently the driver somehow lost control of the car and crashed into the water... the family, which included the mother, an 11-year-old boy and a dog, along with the father, who was driving, would have drowned had it not been for the mysterious flying man who was able to lift the car twenty feet in the air and onto the bridge.

Aside from the shock, nobody was hurt, but they have all been taken into custody by the FBI, and their car has been impounded.

A comment from the family and/or the FBI is expected soon, but local authorities are not even certain where they are.

More on this story as it develops.

This is Virtual Wolf Blitzer with CNN/Google Late Stream Edition. We'll be right back.