Creature from The Black Lagoon

aka The Gill Man

Gill-man walks... Gill-man arms up

The Creature from The Black Lagoon
Julia and her Creature on the beach
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Beach girl and dog
Creature wants a hug Creature walks away Creature with arms down

Creature from The Black Lagoon is one of those movies that I see every few years to remember what it was that I saw the first time. It keeps me in touch with that part of me that is still willing to suspend disbelief.

Gill-Man comes from Diamond Select Toys, and it includes the figure of actress Julie Adams (as Kay Lawrence) in a bathing suit on the beach. Even without articulation, she’s lovely. And even though they don’t run or jump or swim, these are among my favorite Universal figures of all time.

Scenes from the 1956 film
"Creature from The Black Lagoon"

Creature from the Black Lagoon Black Lagoon Creature Julia Adams swimming with the Creature Julia and the Creature Julia Adams kidnapped by Gill-man
Spock, the Creature and Julia Adams
Gill man
Creature on the beach

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