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Ellen Ripley

The Truth About Ellen Ripley

This site deals in fantasy and unreality… but it is grounded on facts.

Ellen Ripley was brought to life on the big screen by Sigourney Weaver, also guilty of bringing numerous “other” real and fictional characters to life in her inimitable manner.

The "ALIEN" franchise, minus Ripley, is clearly less than… what it was with Ripley.

Ellen Ripley
Ellen Ripley figure in t-shirt
Ellen Ripley Ripley and the red Xenomorph Ripley only has a flashlight

There are three different Ellen Ripley figures in this gallery, and they all come from NECA.

Ripley (Series 5) – based on the 1986 film Aliens. This is the first Ripley action figure I ever purchased and photographed. I’ve purchased the figure 2 more times to give away as presents. This was Sigourney’s second time playing Ripley.

Ripley (Series 8) – based on the 1992 film Aliens 3. Someone called her “haircut Ripley” but I just think of her as Ripley with shorter hair.

Ripley clone (Series 14) – based on the film Aliens 4. The baddest Ripley of them all.

“I think (the first film) was difficult film for her to do,” says Director Ridley Scott in the DVD-extra documentary “Alien Evolution" (2003 Alien Re-Edit). “I was from the theater,” she says, “I was used to more structure…”

There are other "Ripley" figures that have not found their way to my camera yet, mostly due to the high costs… I’m thinking of the Series 4 Ripley in the White Nostromo space suit… and the Series 4 Jumpsuit version… both of which include a different “Jonesy” the cat…

the 3 ripleys

Below: Dallas doesn't yet know that this is his last scene.

Dallas vs Xenomorphs


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