Bernie, Hillary, Joe, Liz & Barak
Biden for President
Democrats and vigilantes for Biden
Joe Biden on the road
Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Liz  Warren and Barak Obama, on the road

Vice-President Joe Biden

(known as "table-top Joe")

Joe Biden

On Politics

Nothing shows your commitment to the democratic process like political figures from FCTRY.

Having these figures around adds an aura of sophistication and awareness that balances out the negative effects of Xenomorphs, wizards, Orcs, Hobbits and other equally enlightening figures of fantasy and imagination that may be wondering about.

The problem with the figures from FCTRY, and it is a big problem, is that there aren’t enough figures to feed the hunger. Where’s Bill Clinton? Nancy Pelosi? (I want my Pelosi now!) Where’s MLK and JFK and RFK? And where’s Michelle Obama!? We need these figures today. I would also add Jane Fonda, Oprah, Jimmy Carter and Stephen Colbert.


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