Superman in the sky
Elder Predator without a mask

Superman Superman and the Space Shuttle
Superman on the road
Superman over San Francisco

This wonderful Superman figure from McFarlane Toys, based on Superman Action Comics #1000, was photographed mostly after hours in June 2020. I’d been willfully isolating from humans, as required by my civic duty in response to the Coronavirus pandemic… and may have been starting to go insane…

Working with this figure; setting up the different poses, figuring out the lighting and the camera angles, essentially playing like a 12-year-old, cured me from the negative effects of increased doses of the CNN/MSNBC/ABC News Daily Reality Show, though I realize it was not the complete cure. (Part of the cure included the films of Frank Capra, and learning to make Curry Chicken.)

Despite his serious face, there’s something refreshing and optimistic about this figure that takes me back to being a kid… Before the seriousness of adulthood infected me.

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