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Words and Pictures is a fantasy-art book with monsters and heroes and robots and Xenomorphs and alternate realities with Ellen Ripley and Silent Bob and rocket ships and maybe even a Borg/human drone or two.

You’ll find some politics and some whimsey and some anger... and a new way to perceive reality and survive...

8.5 x 11 inches | 122 pages in color | $27.00

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Words and Pictures is a fantasy book that employs action figures in “roles” right out of pop culture or national news but filtered, for clarity, through my imagination.  The various components are assembled in Photoshop and often include landscapes and cityscapes from throughout California, Texas, Arizona and Utah as backgrounds to scenes of modern biblical mystery and mayhem, often described by me as prophetic unrealities.

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You’ll find studio portraits of mythical and fictional characters such as Walter White, Gail from Sin City, various Jokers, and many others. Some scenes place familiar characters in new situations, such as Dorothy marching down the new yellow brick road with Miho and Ellen Ripley in tow, ready to confront that evil male-chauvinist wizard.

You’ll also encounter the Son of Frankenstein figure as John Bolton (with a genuine Bolton moustache and stylish eyewear) and you’ll discover fresh takes on other Universal Studios characters such as Dracula, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the beloved Bride of Frankenstein and others.

Some photograms were featured on in earlier, theatrical versions, but the images in the book reach deeper into our current level of unreality and should be considered the author’s final version.

Follow the yellow brick road

As explained in the Unreality Studios Manifesto, the figures are “actors” in new situations for which I am their “Cecil B. DeMille.”

Pages from Words and Pictures

Sounds crazy? The costumes worn by “The Bride” (who shipped with only a hospital gown) were conceived by “channeling” Edith Head, who is rumored to have been a big fan of Elsa Lanchester, and strongly objected to the white gown being her only outfit.

While the book may break some story-telling traditions in the pursuit of creative unreality, some traditions were clearly honored and held proudly in high esteem. This book makes turning pages fun again.

I hope you will give my book a chance.

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