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- Jerry A. Sierra


Print lives

Print Books by Jerry A. Sierra

These books are self-created and published, and available at amazon.com. Help keep print alive! Buy a book!

Super Marti Saves The World

Marti Lives - A Visual Imaginarium

8.5-inch x 11 inches | full color | 112 pages

The book commemorates the 120th anniversary of Martí’s death in battle with speculative images and stories in which Martí’s after-life reaches new levels of visual elucidation and iconography.

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Cuban History Books

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book cover500 Years - The Timetable History of Cuba

book coverArtwork and Images from historyofcuba.com

Street Art Books

mural by Chuy Campusano at Clarion Alley

Cover for Johhny Allina's Novel

Dryden Arms book cover

I was happy to make the cover for the recent novel by Johnny Allina, The Dryden Arms, House of Despair; A Comedy. The book provides a humorous examination of modern life in Los Angeles. If you enjoy subtle humor, irony and strange-but-true neighborly conflicts, this is your ride.

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