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- Jerry A. Sierra


Print lives

The 2018 Wall Calendar

calendar cover sample page from Days Go By calendar

Calendar page

Page from calendar

Unreal images from jerrysierra.com, including monsters, madmen, psychopaths, smart Apes, Xenomorphs and Gail with an Uzi.

12 Months | Jan - Dec 2018 | One month per double page

A unique and beautiful calendar... why settle for a mass produced product?

A bargain at $15 | Buy it here

Print Books by Jerry A. Sierra

These books are self-created and published, and available at amazon.com. Help keep print alive! Buy a book!

Super Marti Saves The World

Marti Lives - A Visual Imaginarium

8.5-inch x 11 inches | full color | 112 pages

The book commemorates the 120th anniversary of Martí’s death in battle with speculative images and stories in which Martí’s after-life reaches new levels of visual elucidation and iconography.

Learn more about this book

Cuban History Books

Learn more about these books at: historyofcuba.com/store/index.htm

book cover500 Years

book coverArtwork and Images from historyofcuba.com

Street Art Books


Clarion AlleyClarion Alley

Street Art in San Francisco

Graffiti Walls in San Francisco

Free Stuff at graffitisf.com

Buy Johhny Allina's Novel

Dryden Arms book cover

Last year I made the cover for the novel by Johnny Allina, The Dryden Arms, House of Despair; A Comedy. The book provides a humorous examination of modern life in Los Angeles. If you enjoy subtle humor, irony and strange-but-true neighborly conflicts, this is your ride.

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