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Words and Pictures

A fantasy art book with monsters and heroes and alternate realities and robots and Ellen Ripley fighting Xenomorphs and spaceships and tough vigilantes... and more.

8.5 x 11 inches | 122 Pages in Color | $30

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Marti Lives book

Marti Lives - A Visual Imaginarium

8.5-inch x 11 inches | full color | 112 pages

The book commemorates the 120th anniversary of Martí’s death in battle with speculative images and stories in which Martí’s after-life reaches new levels of visual elucidation and iconography.

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Cuban History Books

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500 Years

Artwork and Images from

Street Art
in San Francisco

Clarion Alley Clarion Alley

Graffiti Walls in SF

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Dryden Arms book cover

Johhny Allina's Novel

The Dryden Arms, House of Despair; A Comedy A humorous examination of modern life in Los Angeles. If you enjoy subtle humor, irony and strange-but-true neighborly conflicts, this is your ride.

Disclosure: I created the cover for Allina's book and often give it away as birthday presents.

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