Alien Earth War

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Weyland-Yutani Commandos helped protect the city...

The Colonial Marines were a vital factor, in spite of their small numbers.

Ripley helped save the 8th floor, where the Xenomorph Queen was creating a nest.

Similar attacks took place in Los Angeles and San Diego.
Fortunately, we were able to repress the various outbreaks...

We had no way to know where they would strike next.

In San Francisco, the Skate Park was saved with no loss of human life.

...but we had no way to know if it was over...

Did we win?

Are we safe now?

Can we return to BART and MUNI?

Is it safe to shop at Safeway?

Can we walk around the neighborhood?

Are we back to normal?

Will we ever be?

"They" used to come from the sky. You had to watch the skies.
Today, "they" come from the subways... the underground tunnels throughout any modern city...
they could be here now.
Watch the subways... WATCH THE SUBWAYS!

Screaming head

Alien Earth War Begins


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