The Monster and The Bride

Can love go too far as an excuse for possessive/abusive behavior? Some men would suggest as much.

She had little choice about the reality she is awakened into.

She finds herself wrapped in bandages, in a dungeon that smells like death and Lysol. She has to find a way out. A way to reclaim her life, for herself.

Somehow, she manages to escape her chains and slip on a hospital gown, but the vast underground dungeon beneath Castle Frankenstein is dark and cryptic.

And yet she has hope; she can taste the fresh air… but the way up, towards that precious fresh air, is blocked by iron gates. Then, suddenly…

She feels a rough hand on her right shoulder…

She hates the smell of daisies. It reminds her of that day, the day she heard herself scream, even though there was no point in screaming.

He seemed taller than she remembered, as if he’d grown in the 80 years she’d been avoiding him… feeling his threatening presence around the corner, behind the shadows.

Bride of Frankenstein out for a walk

She manages to find time away from the nightmare… she enjoys her years in Spain and Italy… but no matter where she escapes to, she feels his presence.


He's Always There

The Bride of Frankenstein and her nightmare

The Bride was originally brought to life by actress Elsa Lanchester in the classic film by James Whale: Bride of Frankenstein from 1935. She lives now in stories and movies and action figures...

...and in our imagination. We want her to be free of The Curse of Frankenstein's Monster, and we support her right to choose.


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